Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Check My Interview on Onblastradio.com w/ Vida Starr

Last month i was interviewed by my girl, Vida Starr, on Onblastradio.com! Check it, and them, out! Sorry so late on the post! Click away...Smooches!


Celebrate My Official Single Release Party @ The Grasshopper May 27, 2009!

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Come Join Me at The Grasshopper for my unofficial/official single release party tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27, 2009! Celebrating the release of "Hateful Girls", "Typical", "Everywhere", "Go Hard, Go Fast" and "Off Top Remix" ft. VA Streets, Chyna Whyte and Lok Akim. Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Walmart.com, Myspacemusic.com, Amazon, etc. You get the point! Don't be a square...be apart of my circle!

My NEW Single "Typical" In-Stores NOW!

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                  "TYPICAL EXPLICIT LYRICS




Can't let a nigga mold me...
Take a piece of me-put it where it don't belong see...2
If I can't reach it to put it back...where it goes
& I won't let no other nigga get that close... 4
Then....how am I ever supposed to.....be the same?
When my shit will always be...outta place? 6
& YOU opened me up but now im closed...
So now my mode Is strictly pimpin hoes 8
& the devils on my shoulder...fightin with the angel that won't give up on my soul....so 10
I am at a constant battle for control
Over my own feelings & I feel so emotional 12
& real ambiguous...
Cause im just so sick of getting burnt like syphilis 14
Niggas so shiftless...
& I can't deal with the if-iness & all the switching up switchiness 16

Cuzz im not & I can never be a typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I will never be a typical bitch
If u with me & u can't appreciate shit
you'll probably leave me 4 that typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I can never be a typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I will never be a typical bitch
So if u with me & u can't appreciate shit
Then go ahead be wit that typical bitch

Im a bad ass chick...A rad ass chick
iron clad ass chick...Im a swaggful chick 2
I deserve good shit...I deserve good dick
I deserve to be that number 1 bitch 4
Im a worthy woman...A nervy woman...
A curvy woman...Go swerving wit him 6
Hit herb wit him...down to earth woman...
go out in the streets & hit the curb wit him 8
Im a natural beauty...im above being cutesy
I got a nice frame wit tits like Tootie 10
Im a ghetto nigga...excercise my trigger finger
I look good on the mic...niggas think im a singer 12
Im loyal nigga...should be royal nigga
Should be spoiled by a man not a boy...nigga...14
Im a lonely niggaa....tender Roni nigga
And I'm still lookin for my 1 & only nigga ...16

Cuzz im not & I can never be a typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I will never be a typical bitch
If u with me & u can't appreciate shit
you'll probably leave me 4 that typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I can never be a typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I will never be a typical bitch
So if u with me & u can't appreciate shit
Then go ahead be wit that typical bitch


Im a priceless jewel...So nice & cool
I see all thru you...you better recognize...fool! 2
I make the rules...I break on fools...
& make it look good in 4 inch high shoes...4
I love making out like Im in high school...
& I love getting high with my dudes...6
But I...don't like to cry over my dudes...
So I barely give time to a dude...8
Its gon' take a long time for a dude...
to get past my guards & my guards surround my heart...10
So me & my heart- we don't get out much...
At least not together cause we all fucked up...12
& we don't get along so we always spat
So I don't take it out-its better off where its at..14
better off to not have...im better off without that
Life's just fresher once you get rid of the wack 16

And im not & I can never be a typical bitch
Said im not & I will never be a typical bitch
If u with me & u can't appreciate shit
you'll probably leave me 4 that typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I can never be a typical bitch
Cuzz im not & I will never be a typical bitch
So if u with me & u can't appreciate shit
Then go ahead be wit that typical bitch

My New Singles, "Everywhere" and Go Hard, Go Fast" drop today!

My new singles dropped today! YAY! Global, baby! If you don't know, you can download them at any major or minor digital site on the web- walmart.com, amazon.com, rhapsody.com, iTunes, etc. You get the picture. So, check for "Everywhere", "Go Hard, Go Fast" ft. my boy, VA Streets and the "Off Top Remix" ft. VA Streets, Lok Akim and Chyna Whyte, all produced by mega producer, Donald "XL" Robertson! My peoples, please support your girl and lets get it! Love y'all sooooo much! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Witness the Rematch! Mis.Led! VS Kandi Cole!

This Thurday, April 16, 2009, come witness the rematch of the year! For those of you who were under a rock on October 13, 2007, that was the day I was invited to rock at a little event called "Sound Clash". It was a song for song competition between some really vicious emcees, including, Lyraflip, Sahtyre, Tiron, Kandi Cole, Chief Icono, Hardware and Alpha MC. We went round for round, pound for pound, etc. I was virtually unknown to the regulars who frequent these types of events, i.e., the Project Blowed generations, but was invited to participate by John Boo Boo, himself, KAIL (check for his new project, "B&EP"). A lot of great things spawned from this event...thanks, KAIL. I ended up coming in second to Tiron. It was a hype night.
In the midst of things, they threw me for a loop when the scheduled to appear, Chris CP Phillips, could not make it. They put Kandi Cole on in his place and, of course, she ripped it. This was the first night I met Kandi; not to mention some of my, now, (Sis)tem crew members, and the many talented and legendary emcees I am cool with now. We went head to head and, even though I took the round, the audience couldn't resist putting our toughest 16's to the test to really pick a true winner. I did wind up winning that round, but Kandi and I have been cool ever since, with nothing but respect and love for one another. Well, the good folks at Project Blowed have decided that its time for another go 'round and so was born, "Sound Clash from a Female's Perspective...The Rematch" (shots out to my (Sis)ta, DVS-1).
We've got some very talented female emcees going head to head that night, including, but not limited to, Raven Sorovina, Madam Brown, Vision, B Mac, Haziiwun, Mack Mistress and Pooka Duke. Now, for the Main Event....In this corner....Queen Kandi Cole, who is making mad noise with her new album, "Happy Birthday, Kandi Cole" (now available on iTunes), and in that corner... (lol), Mis.Led! (new single, "Hateful Girls" available globally; check iTunes). This shit is gonna be BONKERS! If you were not present for the first one, you MUST attend the rematch! If you were in attendance for the first one, I know you won't miss this shit! She is my (Sis)ta now, and a little friendly competition never hurt nobody! It's soooo on! Be apart of the madness, if you dare. Dare you? Info below. Duece.
The Legendary Project Blowed
4343 Leimert Blvd
(f)Los Angeles 90008
10pm-12am $5
All Ages Welcome

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My NEW Single, "Hateful Girls" iS Available Globally!

Photo By Lucy Castro/ Artwork By Donald "XL" Robertson

Yes, my dears, its been a while. All apologies; sometimes life gets in the way. So, I have some wonderful news to share, although I am a week late. My new single, "Hateful Girls" (clean version), is now available, globally! Ya girl is international! Yippieeee! The song is the truth and everyone out there can relate to it. We all know a hateful girl, or two, or three or more. Anyway, support the single and look out for more, more, more. The deal I have with XL Productions allows me free reign to drop whatever I want, whenever I choose. Oh, its on! Lots of you out there already have the single, and its actually in rotation on some stations in various regions throughout the world. Did you hear what I just said (read what I just wrote)?!..."throughout the WORLD"! Its time, y'all. Google Mis.Led! Hateful Girls and get yours now! The instrumental and accapella versions are also up for grabs and ringtones and caller tunes are in process! Until then, click on any of the links below to get your hands on a copy of the joint. Much love and much more to come. Duece.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Scuffle Part II Saturday March 14, 2009

Sup ya'll! So, its that time again! Scuffle is back and ya girl will be there to host. This time I'll have a friend by my side. Intuition, who competed in our very first Scuffle, will be MC-ing this grand event with me. Come out and enjoy a night with real talent going head to head in an original song for song battle! The first one was off the meter and this one will be even crazier. Support the REAL!
LRA Presents Scuffle: A Track for Track Live Performance Battle
2 Mex vs. Busdriver
The Service vs. Swim Team
Chris Philips vs. H.O.P.E.
DJ Joelskee spinning heavy all night long!
@ Club Trip
2101 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica 90405
21+/ $7/ 10pm-2am

Friday, February 27, 2009

Check For My New Blog Look/ Check For MY Old Broken Heart!

I've been wanting to change the look of my blog for quite some time now. I haven't had much time to focus on it, though. To my followers, please forgive my negligence. Its been a really difficult week or two, lately. Things that I truly care about are slipping from my grip. Now, I am coping with the inevitable feelings that follow when you lose what you love although you remained dedicated to it. All I can say is that someone else's stronger trait/quality is NOT loyalty. So I guess, I'm Mark Morrison again...its the return of the mack. I say that tongue in cheek because my heart and mind are not grasping that concept yet. I know myself though, and I know I will bounce back and get back to having the fun that I desearve, with or without a companion. It's too early in the year to give up on sh*t. I'm going to be the best b!tch I can be. Summer will be here before we all know it and, best believe, ya girl will be prepared. All I can say for sure is that I will have another tat to add to my collection. I get them more or less when I need to feel pain other than the emotional; good pain, though; artful pain that makes you reflect and never forget the time in your life when you got it and why. Eff it...I'm still me. Let the games begin 'cause this is gonna be a mental challenge for me. It kind of feels like that movie "2 can Play That Game". I ain't really trying to go there, but I have a feeling that some of those strategies will come into play. Eff it....Wish ya girl some great luck and blessings. I will be praying. Pray for me...I dont think a reconciliation is in our future. I'm sad...but I'm gon' be alright...Right? All I can do is quote Haley, from Paramore, "Second chances; they don't ever matter. People never change. Once a whore, you're nothing more. I'm sorry, that'll never change." Let me know whats on YOUR mind, gals and guys..."1 love, 1 love, you're lucky just to have just 1...."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DJ Tommy Blak Spins My NEW Single on Ying Yang Twins Radio!

Rob the Rich Man, Mis.Led! & DJ Tommy Blak

My n*gga, DJ Tommy Blak, just landed a new gig on www.yingyangtwinsradio.com! Congrats, Tommy! Anyway, he made my new single, "Hateful B*tches", the jump off song for his set! I'm way excited and very grateful for the love and support! Support the kids and tune into it every Monday to hear DJ Tommy Blak spinnin'. Til then, click this link to hear his entire set and peep my new joint. Tell me what ya'll think. Shots out to Kisha for bumpin' my ish! Smooches!

Socially It Features My Feature!

Anita, Mis.Led! & Lainie

Yes, my dears, the lovely ladies of Sociallyit.com did an article on the "Chicks in Kicks" feature that I did for kicksonfire.com! Peep it out, kiddies! Thanks, Lainie and Anita! You guys rock!